Health & Welfare

Here are some key points about how we and the Kennel Club manage the health and welfare of the Portuguese Podengo. You'll find information about specific issues on the other pages in this section.

The NPPA conducts periodic health surveys and you'll find the form in this section when we run it.

Breed Health Coordinator

The Kennel Club requires all breeds to nominate a Breed Health Coordinator ("BHC") whose main roles are:
  1. Provide a central point of contact between the breed and The Kennel Club for all matters concerning health.
  2. Provide advice, help and support, in complete confidence, to owners/breeders on health matters affecting their dogs.
  3. Provide accurate, reliable and consistent information to breeders/owners and the general public, in order to educate and raise awareness about health issues that affect or could affect the breed.
  4. Liaise with the breed clubs/council to inform, update and consult with them over the breed’s health and other relevant general canine health issues, and to act jointly on their behalf to enable a co-ordinated approach to breed health matters
  5. Research, compile and publish information and updates on all health matters affecting the breed, via breed clubs/council websites, newsletters/leaflets/flyers, year book and any other relevant publications.
The BHC for the Portuguese Podengo is Betty Judge and you can find more info about the BHC role here:

The NPPA Health Administrator who coordinates with the BHC is Jessica Gruninger