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There are a number of Facebook groups dedicated to the Portuguese Podengo: here's a selection of our favourites - click on the images to link through but note that some require you to join up before you can view them:

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Portuguese Podengo
Pequenos of America

Portuguese Podengo
Club of America

Podengo Português all types Sweden

Podengo Pequeno International

Podengo Português/ Paixão

Portuguese Podengos and Friends


Many of our members are on Instagram ... why not follow them for regular fix of poddy pictures? Click on the pictures to link through. If you're an NPPA member and you have an Instagram account you'd like added here, email  webmaster@nppa.org.uk with the details.






Show entries, results, critiques etc

Although many shows advertise themselves and accept postal entries, the easiest way is to set up an account with the main organisations for processing entries. You'll also find schedules and show details on their website: note that show details and entries will be unique to one of these organisations, so you need to check regularly on each of them for up to date information about specific shows. Judges are expected to submit critiques for all Championship and Open shows: these cover the top 2 dogs in each class and allow the judge to explain good / less good points about individual dogs and the overall entry.

Canine organisations

Here are some of the major dog organisations in the UK and internationally - you can find a wealth of additional information here.

Other Portuguese Podengo club websites

There are a number of Portuguese Podengo clubs around the world and we've linked through to the major ones - just click on the logos.

Portuguese Podengo Club (Portugal)

Portuguese Podengo Club of America
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America
Swedish Portuguese Podengo Club

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