Monográfica do Podengo Português

The monográfica is the annual show of the Portuguese Podengo Club of Portugal. Like many events, the 2020 show had to be cancelled due to the pandemic but the 2021 edition went ahead and now the 2022 show is planned for the 12 June. Click here to go to their website for more information as it becomes available

We often arrange a trip to Portugal to attend the show and combine it with visits to some of the main breeders. We have the results of the last few shows below and you can read more about some of our visits in the Misc > Archives section of the website.

2021 Monográfica

The 2021 edition of the show was able to go ahead despite the pandemic. The Portuguese Podengo Club have put a number of great pictures on their website along with all the results:

2019 Monográfica

This was the last Monografica before the pandemic and you can find a gallery of photos and full results at:

Photo © Ana Catarina Alves

2018 Monográfica

Best in Show 1 - Kuri de Balouzval - Smooth Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Best in Show 2 - Benfica II da Castelhana - Smooth Portuguese Podengo Medio
Best in Show 3 - Eusébio da Aqua Flaviae - Wire Portuguese Podengo Medio
Best in Show 4 - Patriota de Viamonte - Wire Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Best in Show 5 - Arade do Alto da Cidreira - Wire Portuguese Podengo Grande
Best in Show 6 - Bela do Vale de Fermedo - Smooth Portuguese Podengo Grande

Photo © Ana Catarina Alves