Monográfica do Podengo Português

The Monográfica is the annual show of the Clube do Podengo Português (i.e. Portuguese Podengo Club in Portugal). It's run under Clube Português de Canicultura rules and is broadly the local equivalent of a single breed show run under Kennel Club rules like our own Open Show.

On the continent, the three Podengo sizes (Grande, Medio and Pequeno – large, medium and small) are judged separately. Additionally, the wire (pêlo cerdoso) and smooth coated (pêlo liso)are also separated so there are in effect 6 quite distinct varieties all with their own competition. The winners of each of these 6 varieties then go head-to-head for Best in Show.

Association members often travel to Portugal to attend the show as exhibitors and/or spectators. Keep an eye on the FB page for details. We have the results of the last few shows below and you can read more about some of our visits in the Misc > Archives section of the website.

2024 Monográfica

Here is the main result. As noted above, the smooth and wires in the three different sizes are judged separately and the winner of each goes into the Best in Show judging, where the final positions were:

Pequeno smooth - Utah da Fonte de Charmois : 1st
Medio smooth - Alado da Transtagana : 2nd
Medio wire - Xito de Veiros : 3rd
Pequeno wire - Inocente de Viamonte : 4th
Grande smooth - Rufino de Pedrogao D'Aire : 5th
Grande wire - Diogenes do Mar da Palha : 6th

Full results and lots of podengo pictures are available on the Clube do Podengo Português website at:
Best in Show: Amelia da Casa Peres
Association VP Miguel Sabino (L) with Imperio

2023 Monográfica

The winners of each variety and their final placings were:

Best In Show – Multi CH Amelia da Casa Peres ‘WW22 (Small, smooth): Pedro Peres
2nd - Xito de Veiros (Medio, wire): Henrique Passadinhas and Nuno Passadinhas
3rd - Imperio de Viamonte (Small, wire): Miguel Sabino
4th - Rufino de Pedrogao d’Aire (Grande, smooth): Luis Ganhão Simões
5th - Opio de Pedrogao d’Aire (Medio, smooth): Luis Ganhão Simões
6th - Alfa do Mar da Palha (Grande, wire): Claudia Sofia Presado Cortes Rosario

Results on the Clube do Podengo Português website:

Ana Catarina Alves again photographed the show and created a wonderful album on her own Facebook page: click here.

2022 Monográfica

Full results, photos and a link to even more photos are available at:

Photo © Ana Catarina Alves

2021 Monográfica

The 2021 edition of the show was able to go ahead despite the pandemic. The Portuguese Podengo Club have put a number of great pictures on their website along with all the results:

2019 Monográfica

This was the last Monografica before the pandemic and you can find a gallery of photos and full results at:

Photo © Ana Catarina Alves

2018 Monográfica

Best in Show 1 - Kuri de Balouzval - Smooth Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Best in Show 2 - Benfica II da Castelhana - Smooth Portuguese Podengo Medio
Best in Show 3 - Eusébio da Aqua Flaviae - Wire Portuguese Podengo Medio
Best in Show 4 - Patriota de Viamonte - Wire Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Best in Show 5 - Arade do Alto da Cidreira - Wire Portuguese Podengo Grande
Best in Show 6 - Bela do Vale de Fermedo - Smooth Portuguese Podengo Grande

Photo © Ana Catarina Alves