Breed Education Coordinator

The Kennel Club requires all breeds to nominate a Breed Education Coordinator ("BEC") whose remit is to work on behalf of all the clubs within that breed in order to support their obligations under the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) for the education and training of judges.

One of the key roles of the BEC is to work with breed clubs on their Breed Appreciation Day ("BAD"). This is an event that each individual breed club must hold once every two years. The main purposes of the BAD are:
  • To provide an opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more or updating their knowledge about the breed.

  • To provide an opportunity for all those interested in judging the breed to attend the subsequent Multiple-choice Breed Standard Examination, and potentially obtain a pass certificate.

The NPPA will be holding its next BAD on 15 May 2022. Anyone interested in learning more about the breed is welcome to attend: see News > News 2021 for more details.

You can find more info about the BEC role here: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/bec

The BEC for the Portuguese Podengo is Jeff Horswell