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Plans are for a small group to visit Portugal in June 2022, which, it is hoped, will coincide with plans for the Monografica 2022.  

 Visit to Monografica in 2019

A group of 8 NPPA members visited Portugal from 6th to 12th June to attend the Clube do Podengo Portuguese who held their Monografica (major Championship show), in Caldas da Rainha, Central Portugal.

It was held on Sunday 9th June.




1ST and Best in Show  Kuri De Balouzval. Smooth Coat Male Pequeno (Small)

2ND  Benfica11 Da Castelhana. Smooth Coat Male Medio.

3RD  Eusebio Da Aquae flaviae.  Wire Coat Male Medio

4TH  Patriota De Viamonte. Wire Coat Male Pequeno

5TH  Arade do Alto da Cidreira - Wire Portuguese Podengo Grande

6TH  Bela Do Vale Fermedo. Female Smooth Coat Grande.   


      Monografica Do Podengo Portuguese
                                Saturday 9th June 2018

NPPA Officers and Committee members once again went on their " Annual Pilgrimage " to visit the Monografica Show, in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

This prestigious event showcases all 3 sizes, Grande, Medio, and the Pequeno Podengo with classes for all 3 sizes, in both Wire and Smooth coats.

 As the Pequeno is the only size recognised in this country by the Kennel Club, it is very interesting to see the other sizes in their native land.

The NPPA extended a warm welcome to any member who wanted to join the committee members at this annual event, and this offer was taken up by NPPA member Anna Sampson, and below is a report on her impressions of her visit.

The Portuguese people always welcome us warmly and their hospitality is second to none.
Podengo owners and exhibitors from many countries attend including, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Belgium and even America.

It is also an educational visit as you see how the Portuguese Podengos are evolving in their native land and you have the chance to speak to many people, who either breed or exhibit or have Pods as companion dogs.

The Judge this year for all sizes Wire, was the famous Vitor Veiga, the author of the original book The Portuguese Podengo, which is available from the NPPA.

The Judge for Smooths all sizes, was Pedro Delerue.

 There was also a Portuguese Ibizan Show on at the same venue this year.

' Although the show was only on Saturday the 9th June, some members visited for 6 days, and some for 10 days. 

Last year we were lucky to visit the home of Vitor and Gabriella Veiga and see their Podengos. We have also visited other breeders'/exhibitors' kennels in the past and attended a demonstration of a hunting day out with different sizes of Podengos. This very long day also included Portuguese breakfast and a BBQ. So there is always something for everyone, or you can just " do your own thing ".

Below are some pictures taken during this year's visit. 



Five on tour to Portugal -

The 2018 Monografica


Like many Portuguese Podengo Pequeno owners I had always wanted to go the Monografica , to see our lovely breed in it’s country of origin being shown alongside their bigger breed relations.

It was something that Simon & I had spoken about but we never really managed to get it organised due to work commitments and just having a busy life with horses, cats & of course 4 podengos! 

I knew that members of the NPPA committee usually attended because over the years of chatting at dog shows we had discussed it and each time I came away thinking I would love to go. Anyway it was one such conversation with Sue Pearson at Crufts this year that made me decide that sometimes you just need to take action!

Simon was already to committed to attending Three Counties & after much discussion we agreed that he could take all our Pods to Malvern which meant that I could go travelling and could use the trip as a bit of a recce for potentially one day entering our dogs in this prestigious breed show.

So after a few emails to Sue Pearson, Jenny Wedge & Rob Dunning on 7th June I found myself meeting Keith, Sue, Jenny & Eileen at Lisbon airport.

We then had a v wet drive about an hour north of Lisbon to our hotel in Foz do Arelho which is close to where the Monografica is held in Caldas da Rainha.

We stayed at the hotel Agua d’Alma, which is a charming family run hotel and in my opinion could be classified as the NPPA’s Portuguese base.  The hospitality from the owners Alice, Artur & Henrique was amazing and it was very clear to see that they have a very genuine affection for the NPPA committee members developed over the many years they have been staying here to attend the show.

On this first day I discovered that as well a mutual love of Podengos we all shared a mutual appreciation of great food & Portuguese wine!  It was clearly going to be a good trip!


Friday 8th June.

 The day started with a very substantial Portuguese breakfast which included a fabulous Orange cake (knocks porridge out the window).  To aid with the celebration of Keith’s birthday the weather was trying hard not to rain.  This was handy for me because in a fit of optimism and a bit of frantic rush I had not actually packed anything remotely warm or waterproof.

Whilst the main focus of the holiday was the Monografica it was also an opportunity to explore the local area.  Therefore we had a trip exploring the town of Alcobaca where we sampled the local cherry liquor, visited local monastery and purchased a few umbrellas as the weather was unable to control its desire to rain. 

In the afternoon we had been invited to visit Miguel & Margarida Sabino and meet their Viamonte podengos. This was a great opportunity to see his kennels and meet his podengo family.  I caught up with our own Odee’s parents and grandmother and I confess that I was v excited to finally meet Patriota de Viamonte who I have been in love with since seeing him as a puppy and have avidly watched his progress to becoming  a top show dog.  

All in all it was an afternoon of coffee, cake & podengos , with lots of discussions about the breed and dogs all over the world which somehow makes the world feels smaller.


Saturday 9th June  

After another good breakfast the taxis arrived and drove us at break neck speed to Expoeste in Caldas da Rainha.

Our first task was to pay & register for meal that is held at the end of the show and for me to join Simon & I to ‘Clube do Podengo Portuguese.  

My first impression was this huge hall, 2 rings (I for Smooths & 1 for Wires), a massive table of prizes and lots of podengos!!  There was a large pen full of about 20 beautiful small smooth Podengos all belonging to Laurence Aries & Marie Anne Bernard – Solemel & L’Oree des Charmois kennels .  They were fabulous bunch of happy,  very friendly & beautiful smooths and just the most amazing advert for the breed.

It felt like a very laid back atmosphere,   Judging was meant to start at 10 and it was probably nearer 11 before it got going, but you don’t worry about things like this  when you are not showing!!

The judges were Pedro Delerue  for the smooths  & Vitor Veiga judged all the wires

Unfortunately there were only 7 pequono wires being shown which I found a bit disappointing because I wanted to see how these dogs compared to the dogs on the UK circuit.  From the ones I saw in my opinion they were consistent with ours in the UK which is good. I was also delighted to see Miguel Sabino’s Patriota de Viamonte win the best small wire. 

There were however lots of small smooths (around 40 in total)  which are obviously much more established than the small wires which as we know are still a relatively young addition to podengo family. To my amateur eyes which had never seen so many smooths all together it showed me that there is much more consistency in their type than we currently see in the wires.

Apparently the entries were down this year because the show clashed with a big hunting event which meant that some of the medio & grande breeders were not there again this was a bit disappointing but the ones I saw were nice and much more substantial that I was expecting.

I fell in love with the Wire Grandes  in particular the winner of Best Puppy in Show who I could have happily taken home!

Best in show was the small smooth  Kuri de Balouzval who we had all admired throughout the day.

Overall it was a great show, with a lovely atmosphere, very friendly people and lots of beautiful dogs.

Once all the breeds had been judged it was time for the meal which included lots of traditional Portuguese food , wine, port and being with people who are as passionate about the breed as we all.

It was a great day and I just loved watching all the dogs & their owners/handlers and  finally meeting up with people  who I knew from the various Podengo groups on Facebook.

 Sunday 10th June

 It was another wet day in Foz , so having looked at the weather forecast it showed that the weather looked more promising further north so we made the decision to drive to the pretty town of Aveiro.  This town is known as  the Venice of Portugal, due to the canals which run round the town & the Moliceiro  boats that take the tourists around the town. 

The town is about a 90 minute drive from Foz but it’s motorway all the way and the Portuguese motorways are significantly quieter than british ones!   As we got closer to Aveiro it was sad to see the devastating effects of the huge forest fires that plagued Portugal last summer.

Once we arrived we embarked on the serious task of finding somewhere to eat another thing we all had in common – a love of good food. 

After another fabulous meal we took a trip on a Moliceiro boat, which is a must do thing if you ever visit Aveiro.  These are highly decorated, long  & narrow boats, with shaped bows & sterns that were traditionally use to harvest seaweed but nowadays provide tourists with the opportunity to explore the town. 

Monday 11th June

This was my last day and finally the sun was shining! Again we started the day with a great breakfast, a nice walk around Foz and then a trip to a farmers market in Caldas da Rainha followed by a walk around the large & rather lovely public garden in the town centre and another great meal.

All too soon it was time to go back to the hotel and wait for my taxi to take me back to Lisbon airport to go home.  I left Jenny, Eileen, Susan & Keith soaking up the sun on the hotel’s sun terrace.  

All in all it was a fantastic trip and I absolutely loved it. I had great company with lots of laughter, with some great meals & Portuguese wine.  I visited some parts of Portugal that I had not been to before and will definitely be taking Simon back for a visit to Foz do Arelho. 

 The Monografica was great and whilst it was it did not have as many dogs as I was expecting, it still enabled me to see all 6 types of Portuguese Podengo in one place.   I definitely want to go back next year.


Anna Sampson

July 2018




Monografica slowly getting going. Black & White dog  was to become Best Male Smooth Pequeno Puppy.  Feuer Frei Lu Cifer. Owner Eija Tammi.


 Baby Puppy Class. 1st Osorio De L'Oree Des Charmois. Owner Marie-Anne Bernard.

Best In Show winners Line Up


Best Baby Puppy


Best Male Puppies


Relaxed Portuguese Judging! Notice the Black & White Smooth Pequeno


best In Show Line Up


Best Grande Medio & Pequeno


Baby Puppies Smooth Pequeno


Medio Smooths


Best Smooth Pequeno Line Up


Best In Show Winners


Best Pequenos


Medio & Pequeno Smooths


Best Winners Grande Wire & Smooth, Best Medio Wire & Smooth, Best Pequeno Wire & Smooth


Pequeno Wires On Left. Miguel Sabino With Best Wire Coat Male Pequeno, Patriota De Viamonte (4th BIS)


Line Up Best Smooth Pequeno


Smooth Pequenos. Owner. Marie-Anne Bernard, France


 French Dogs From A Different Angle 


More French Dogs From Another Angle 


White & Black Smooth Pequeno, spotted In Foz Do Arelho Village, Where The Committee Members Stay. 


Same Dog As In Photo Left. Note His Black Stripe Above His Right Eye. It Looks As Though It Has Been Painted With A Black Permanent Marker


Some Of The Group Enjoying A Day Out In Aveiro (The Venice Of The North)


 Another Of The Group Enjoying A Day Out In Aveiro (The Venice Of The North


Helping Celebrate The NPPA Chairman's Birthday At The Group's Favourite restaurant.


The Sweets At This Restaurant Are Second To None.

N.B. Whilst Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above descriptions, the Editor and the NPPA cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies. If you find any problems with the text to the Photos, please email the website to explain the problem, and every effort will be made to rectify the situation (Ed.)





Well the time has finally arrived when I can tick another thing off my bucket wish list.


Ever since I have seen the Podengo and subsequently owned two I have wanted to go to Portugal for their Monografica and watch the Podengo hunt in packs.  Well my wish has finally come true.


On the 9th June this year I arrived at Luton Airport with, Eileen Segui, Trish Bellenie, Rob and Sue Dunning for our flight to Lisbon.


The flight was on time and we arrived in good spirits and excitement of things to come over the next few days.  We had a packed agenda with lots to do and see.


Rob Dunning kindly offered to be our driver for the trip and we collected the car from the airport and off we went.  Luckily our car was upgraded and so we travelled in relative luxury a part from the slight problem of my seatbelt which turned out to be my fault for putting the wrong part in the wrong slot. My excuse was we had an early start so I was tired and I am sticking to that excuse.


We arrived at the Agua d’ Alma Hotel to be met by Angie Pedder, Keith and Susan Pearson which completed our group.


The hotel was lovely it had just been renovated and had opened just two weeks previously but you would never have known.  We were greeted like old friends whom of course, some of the party were as they had been to the same hotel for quite a few years to attend the Monografica.


I hastily unpacked, and off we went out for my first meal in Foz do Arelho which was a lovely village with a stunning lagoon.


Day 2 was a holiday in Portugal as it was their Portugal Day.  Festivals were held everywhere in all the villages and towns and it was a truly magical time.  We were lucky enough to go to the National Show for all Portuguese breeds which also had horses, tractors and other farm equipment for sale.


It was another hot day so we had to get a freebie baseball cap to keep the sun off our heads.


We spent the early part of the day going around looking at the stands which were inside the halls which sold everything from knives to shoe and cloths to food.


There were also horses in pens with their foals and the name of the stud they belonged to. 


After an enjoyable day watching the Podengos and Estrelas we headed back home to change and go out for meal which was in an Irish Bar. There is nothing better than having a meal with good company and in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We all put the world to rights in more ways than one.


Day 3 was the day I was really looking forward to the most.  The Hunting Demonstration which Nuno Ferro and Henrique Passadinhas organised along with others in their hunting group.

We had to get up very early as we were meeting at 7.30am at Evora which was a two hour drive from the hotel.  Thank goodness for sat navs as we would never have found it otherwise. 


Once we had all meet up we then travelled a further hour to a place called Redondo with the last part of the journey resembling a safari with a dirt track to travel on and dust flying everywhere as it was so dry.  Poor Rob had a real trouble seeing as we were near the back of the group of cars travelling in a convoy. We finally arrived, parked up and laughed at what had just taken place.


The venue was a series of buildings with facilities to cook, eat and sleep which we guess was where the men came when out hunting with their dogs and maybe staying the night when necessary.  There was nothing around for miles.


We had a truly international group of people who like me were passionate about the Podengo.  They came from Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, UK, USA and Denmark.


There was a fantastic banner of all the dogs and their breeders hanging on the brick wall as you go into the building. Against another wall were items which relate to hunting and lots of photos which were fascinating to see.


First off we were given a traditional Portuguese breakfast which consisted of various sorts of bread in cinnamon, mashed up and to drink we had fruit juice, beer and wine. As it was such a hot day I left the beer and wine in favour of fruit juice.


After breakfast we had a talk by Henrique on the Podengo and he introduced all the members of the hunting team and what they did as some just went hunting whist others hunted and also showed their dogs.  This was translated by his son. We were given hats to wear and a group photo was taken.


We set off in the heat of the day to trek across the fields with the Podengo breeders and their pack of dogs.  Each breeder had a polo shirt on with their name and the name of the kennel name on it.


Some of the breeder’s dogs had a collar on some did not others had a coloured collar with a number which helped us to distinguish which dogs belonged to which breeder.  Some of the dogs also had bells on their collars to alert the rabbits to their presence which flushed them out ready for the chase. These bells also told the breeders where their dogs were.


A lot of the breeders had whistles to call their dogs back to them but Henrique had a shell which sounded like a horn when he blew into it which added some drama to the occasion.


The grass was long and with the wild grasses and flower it made a spectacular sight.  Each pack kept together and the slightest whiff of a rabbit and they were off.  We all split up and followed different breeders in their quest to find a rabbit.


This was not the usual hunting season which goes from October to January depending on the rabbit population so we did not expect to see any rabbits or the dogs to catch any, but we lived in hope.


Most of the breeders’ dogs were Medio’s’, smooth and wire and with a few Pequeno mixed in which again were in either smooth or wire.  We were out a good few hours following various breeders and their dogs in the hope that we might see the chase but unfortunately no rabbits were caught that day but the dogs did get the scent of a few rabbits and started frantically sniffing and pushing all the undergrowth out of the way to try and get to one.


This area of Portugal is known for its cork.  Nearly all the trees had various amounts of cork growing around the truck and each tree was numbered so they knew when they had last removed the cork from that tree which then allowed that tree to regrow the cork without taking too much cork off before it re-grew.


Henrique then sang a song giving thanks to the trees and their cork which was amazing and brought a few of us to tears.  It was very moving.


We set off again heading towards the barns and on the way we came across a lake which the dogs then all leapt into to cool off it was a fantastic sight.


Once back to the farmhouse we were invited to go in and have lunch which was traditional Portuguese food. To start with we had some meats and cheese with bread and then a vegetable stew in one cork pot and another cork pot had a variety of meats in it.  We could not believe that the cork pots did not leak but they were watertight. All of this was washed down with fruit juice, beer or wine.


Now for the interesting bit, out came a few different bottles of what could be called local brew which was very strong and the sort of drink you loved but made you shudder when swallowing it.  It would have been rude of course not to try each one.


Once lunch was over we had a talk by Henrique on the Podengo and he followed the breed standard explaining the construction of the breed and what all breeders should be striving to achieve, we all found this very interesting.


Next we all went outside to see how they train puppies to first be interested in the rabbit and then how to hunt. Some of people had brought their own dogs with them as they were going to show them at the National Dog Show and the Monografica so they let their dogs join in and it was amazing how the dogs just slotted into a pack and did exactly what the pack did.  The natural hunting instinct is very strong even in dogs that are just pets and show dogs.


I am going to digress a bit now and tell you a short story of my daughters Podengo called Breeze who loved to chase squirrels but never caught one.


Breeze was out walking and she finally got the hang of how to chase and catch a rabbit as previously she always ran the way the rabbit had come from rather than the way it was going. 


Off she went chasing the rabbit and gaining on it.  Finally she caught the rabbit and was so pleased with herself only to be taught a hash lesson as a Dalmatian ran up to her and  promptly stole her rabbit and ran off with it. The moral of the story always hang onto tightly what you have caught.


Finally it was time to leave after a long, tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day as we had a three hour journey back to the hotel and we had to get up early again the next day. We said our goodbyes and thanks and started the journey back.


We finally got back to the hotel around 11.00pm, really tired but had such a brilliant day.  Alice (owner of the hotel) kindly made us a cup of tea and then off to bed we went.


Day 4 we were up early again for the 27th Monografica Do Podengo Portuguese which started at 10.00pm.


We had a problem finding the venue as it was a different venue to last year.  We stopped at a local supermarket to ask directions and were quickly on our way again.


It was another really hot day so it was nice to be inside for a change as we had been out in the sun for the last 3 days.


As this was my first time at the Monografica I joined the club and was given a badge, membership card and a few other bits and pieces.  I was greeted warmly by the President of the Club Vitor Veiga who made me feel very welcome.


The show started with the Medio and Grande in one ring and the Pequeno in another.  As I have the smaller of the breed I sat around the Pequeno ring to watch the judging.  I would love to have been able to watch the Medio judging as this size of Podengo really interested me and there were some beautiful dogs there.


I will give the results of the show at the end as there was a lot going on and as everything was in Portuguese it was not always easy to follow.  I will only give the results of the Pequeno as this was unfortunately the only judging I managed to watch.


When showing the Pequeno the measuring stick came out a few times and this all added to the excitement of the show.


All the exhibitors were very relaxed and some breeders had professional handlers and others showed the dogs themselves.


A lot of the dogs we had already seen at the National Dog show but the judging was completely different and the winners were not the same.


The smooth coats are judged separately which is much better and I wish they did that here in the UK as you are judging like for like.  Who knows one day that may happen.


After the show had finished we were invited to have a meal with all the members and exhibitors which was a very special moment.  Most of our group had met a lot of the people before so it was like meeting up with old friends and there was lots of laughter and fun.


The food was lovely and although the speeches were in Portuguese we did get the gist of what was being said.


We were presented with a gift of a very special bottle of wine which we drank the next evening giving a toast to all the Portuguese friends that many of our party meet every year.


We said our goodbyes and made our way back to the hotel for quick fresh up and off out again for another superb meal and talked over the events of the day.


Day 5 was a day off and as this was my first visit to this part of Portugal it was decided to show me the sights around the local area.


It was a really hot day so we made our way to a market which was on the beach front and had a quick look around. We then went to visited a lovely town called San Martinho do Porto which was on the coast and had the most fantastic beach which stretched for miles. There was also a funicular railway which went up to another village at the top of the hill.


The views were stunning at the top and it was just a magical moment sitting there looking across the beach out to sea and from such a fantastic viewing point.


We headed back to the hotel and out to our last meal of the holiday which again turned out to be well worth the wait for a table.


Day 6 was the day we had to head out to the airport around midday so we had a relaxing breakfast checked out of the hotel saying our goodbyes to the hotel owners.


We had our last cup of coffee at a local bar and then said our goodbyes to Angie, Susan & Keith. Angie was staying another day and Susan and Keith were heading off to spend a few days by the coast to relax.


We arrived at the airport in good time but unfortunately our plane sat on the runway for 4 hours whilst they cleared the debris up from one runway and then we had to deal with the French Air Traffic Controllers who decided to go on strike.


We arrived back home a lot later than planned but having had a brilliant time.  Would I do it all again you bet I would. So Portugal here I come next year.


Jenny Wedge






12TH JUNE 2016







1st Pinta De Corgovalle – Owned by Fernando Augusto Florindo Aleidea



1st Boy D’Albergaria – Owned by Bessa, Joao Antonio Lopes Paula



1st Ribatejo De Viamonte – Owned by Miguel Sabino -

2nd Bigode Do Vale Negro - Owned by Costa, Carlos Alberto Pascoal Vieira

3rd Parsifal Do Vale Do Poco – Owned by Jorge & Vitor Veiga



1st Turbante Do Vale Negro – Owned by Castro, Catherine Osorio Molinari

2nd Tudu Do Vale Do Cutileiro  - Owned by Crystele Bazetous & Anna Marta Carvalho



1st Umbigo De Viamonte  - Owned by Miguel Sabrino





1st Crossoak Merenda Mista – Owned by Glad-Vaistola Jatta

2nd Hirsituvan Nuu-Nuu – Owned by Karkkainen Marke



1st Patricia Da Casa De Maio – Owned by Darlene Devaney - BOB

2nd  Cantiga Do Vale Negro – Owned by Castro, Catherine Osorio Molinari

3rd  Cris Da Aquae Flaviae – Owned by Oak, Emilio Fernando Rodrigues



1st Cachopa Do Vale Do Juiz – Owned b Emanuel Rott

2nd Hirsituvan Heinahattu – Owned by Karkkainen



1st Filo – Owned by Bessa, Joao Antonino Lopes Paula


The picture above is of Champion & Grand Champion Lindoia De Veiros, owned by Henrique & Nuno Passadinhas and handled by Henrique. The dog, a Wire coated Medio (medium sized) Podengo, has been judged Best in Show at the Monografica  on more than one occasion, and was judged Best of Breed at the 2013 Portuguese Show on the day after this year's Monografica.
What an incredible achievement, and congratulations to his owners.  

The NPPA is Represented at The Portuguese Podengo Monografica 2013 - by Rob Dunning.
A group of seven members of the Northern Portuguese Podengo Association congregated in portugal to attend the 2013 Podengo monografica.
We did not have any dogs to show this year, because the logistics were too complicated.
Two members flew, the weekend before the show, to Porto, which is North of the venue, and spent a few days visiting various towns and sites, on their way down to a very picturesque seaside town of Foz do Arelho.
Whilst they were so doing, a further two members flew into Lisbon, from the North of England, whilst three members also flew to Lisbon from Southern England - all meeting at the same hotel in Foz.
We had mixed feelings about leaving such beautiful weather in England, to visit a country, traditionally warm and sunny, which was cloudy, windy and cold for most of our stay. However, a great time was still had by all.
On the Sunday, we travelled the five miles or so, from Foz to Caldas Da Rainha, the venue for the Show.
As ever, we were greeted, with open arms, by the President of the Clube do Podengo Português, Vitor Veiga, and his delightful wife, Gabriella, as well as many other Clube members, whom we have come to befriend over the years.
Probably due to the economic situation in Portugal, the entry of dogs was smaller than in previous years. However, the exhibiting and judging was still very entertaining.
Below is a list of the winners of the various classes - just the Pequenos (small), because it is very difficult to keep track of the proceedings in two consecutive rings, when no results are posted anywhere.
Once again, after the judging, a fabulous meal had been organised, to which we were invited. The Portuguese, hard times or otherwise, certainly know how to feed themselves, and the wine flowed very freely too. The meal concluded with the customary cutting of the Clube cake, by the President, preceeded by a presentation of a certificate, from the President of the American Portuguese Club, Darlene Devaney, to commemorate the recognition of the Podengo, in the USA, by the American Kennel Club.
The following day was "Portugal Day" - the Portuguese's most highly celebrated Bank Holiday. Everybody celebrates this day in one way or another.
We celebrated by going to........a dog show.
The Portuguese Kennel Club organised a series of speciality shows - as part of a large agricultural show - of all the Portuguese canine breeds, forming one large dog show.
There were all types of breed of dog present, but, of course, our main interest was, again, with the Podengos. Several of the faces seen the previous day, were present, together with several of our friends from previous years, unable to attend the Monografica.
Judging started around ten o'clock, and continued until about seven in the evening. It was a long day, especially after the previouis day, but we all came away tired, but a little more knowledgable, about the Podengos in particular.
On the following day, the Southerners left for Lisbon to fly home, only to be delayed about two hours, thanks to a strike by French Air Control Personnel.
Our two friends who came down from the North were to spend a couple more days travelling back to Porto. They, also, were delayed on their flight.
The other couple, from the North of England, travelling back from Lisbon, were less lucky. Regretfully, they had their flight cancelled, for the same reason as the delays, and the news so far, is that they are stranded in Portugal, probably until Sunday, five days after they should have been arriving back in Blighty.
(Our thoughts are with them - Ed )  

   Results of the Judging of The Portuguese Podengo (Pequeno) at the Monografica 2013 in caldas da rainha.
1st  Aleu – Owned by Fernando Gramaxo. Handled by Emilio Carvalho. Awarded Excellent & CCJ. 

1st Vasco Malhadinho – Owner unspecified.
2nd Pimpao Do Vale Negro – Owned by Carla Molinari. 

1st  Ch (Pt) Tudu Do Vale Do Cutileiro – Owned by Vasco Matias. Awarded Excellent.
2nd Ch (Pt) Evan De Balouzval – Owned by Jose Silva. Handled by Alexandra Morgado. Awarded Excellent. 

1st Ch (Pt) Ch (Mc) Vasco De Viamonte – Owned by Miguel Sabino. Awarded Best Dog & BOB (Wire).


1st Nazare Da Terra De Montoito – Owned by Miguel Rebelo. Awarded Excellent & Best Bitch. 

1st Madre Perola Do Vale Do Poco – Owned by M. Jorge, V. Veiga & F. Madeleno. Awarded Excellent & CAC.
2nd Maca-I Do Vale Do Cutileiro – Owned by Vasco Matias. Awarded Excellent & Res. CAC. 

1st Filo-I – Owned by M. Bessa.2nd Nolita Da Aqua Flaviae – Owned by Emilio Carvalho. 


1st Mic Da Aquae Flaviae – Owned by Emilio Carvalho.
2nd Lucky Da Aquae Flaviae – Owned by Emilio Carvalho.

1st Amendoim De Paio Pires – Owned by Jose & Luis & Pedro Almeida. Awarded Res. CAC 

1st Pizon’s Dom Decisivo – Owned by Gabriela Veiga. Awarded CAC, Best Dog & Best of Breed. 


1st Areia Da Quinta Do Saloio – Owned by Jose & Luis & Pedro Almeida.
2nd Safira-I – Owned by Francisco Desiderio.
3rd Hindi De Balouzval – Owned by Jose Silva.
4th Dora Da Aquae Flaviae – Owned by Emilio Carvalho. 

1st Amora De Paio Pires – Owned by Helena & Joao Costa.
2nd JCh (Pt) Jeitosa De Vale Do Criz – Owned by Luis Cunha. 

1st Seta Do Vale Do Cutileiro – Owned by Vasco Matias.
2nd Branquinha-I – Owned by Armindo Germano 

1st Ch (Pt) Cassie – Owned by Jose Silva. Awarded Best Bitch.
2nd Ch (Pt) Behu – Owned by Jose Silva.

 Pictures to follow shortly.


Our Trip to the Monografica
15th July 2012
at Caldas da Rainha, portugal 

by Eileen Segui 

It was early morning on the 11th July when Angie Pedder and I, together with 6 Podengos, travelled to Portsmouth to board the Brittany Ferry to the northern Spanish port of Santander. The ferry takes 24 hours for the crossing. It is a very pleasant ship with lots to do, when you have time of course, in between looking after your dogs in the kennels.

We had a very good onward journey and stopped for the night in Portugal about 100 miles from our destination at Foz do Arelho, which is a lovely coastal town, where we had stayed before, and where we met up with the rest of our NPPA friends, Susan & Keith Pearson and Sue & Rob Dunning.

We still had a day and a half to enjoy our surroundings and unwind from the journey, before attending the show.

On arrival at the show we were welcomed, with open arms, by Gabriela Veiga. This is always a very happy show, with many overseas visitors enjoying the day. We have enjoyed their hospitality for several years as spectators, but now, with 6 dogs to show, it made it very special.

Angie was first in the ring, with her smooth baby puppy dog, Caldermist Cascais, who was placed 2nd.

 Then came his smooth litter sister, Caldermist Camelia, who was placed 1st & Best Baby Puppy Bitch.

Rob was in next, with their smooth bitch Anjuskar Amalia, who had travelled out with us and joined Sue & Rob in Portugal. They were thrilled to be awarded 1st in a strong Junior class.

Next was my Arranbourne Amoroso, where we gained a creditable 3rd in Open Dog with an excellent qualification.

My Vale do Vale do Cutileiro da Arranbourne (imp), I am pleased to say won the Open Bitch class and gained the CAC QC. So I was thrilled, along with her breeder Vasco Matias. Vasco had also bred Amalia’s sire, owned by the Dunnings, so that was also very pleasing for him.

Finally Ch. Nashnall Aldina at Caldermist won a very strong Champion class and went on to be Best Bitch for a very happy Angie, and an equally thrilled Susan & Keith, who had bred Dina. So there was something for all of us.

We, then, attended the Annual Podengo lunch, provided by the Clube do Podengo Português. (The Portuguese Podengo Club of Portugal), which was delicious, and as always a very happy occasion.

Two more days to enjoy, sightseeing and exercising the dogs on the beach; then a pleasant homeward journey, with happy and proud memories to cherish.



Left  Amalia, Rob and Judge


Right  Angie, Dina & Judge



Left  Angie with Dino & Judge


Right  Eileen & Carlos



Left  NPPA Chairman thanks Vitor Veiga for his hospitality & Gabriella Veiga translates to Portuguese



NPPA Members relax after a most enjoyable Monografica Portuguese Podengo Show.


The Clube do Podengo de Portuguese held its 21st Portuguese Podengo Monografica in Sobral de Monte Agraco, Portugal on 17th July where Best in Show judge, Rui Oliveira selected the wire coated Podengo Medio (medium) Lindoia de Veiros  for top honours. ‘Lindoia’ is owned by Henrique and Nuno Passadinhas and was sent through to the final challenge by Portuguese breed specialist Maria Amelia Tamborda, who also judged the Podengo Grande (large) variety.

Best Puppy in Show was Luis Vas Macedo’s smooth Podengo Pequeno (miniature) Geleia da Praia do Ribatejo, put through by French judge Jean Luis Grunheid, and adding another top award to this successful kennel’s record. The wire coated Podengo Pequenos, one of the two varieties recognised here in the UK, were judged by well known breed specialist Gabriela Veiga. Her choice for Best of Breed was Miguel Sabino’s Port. Ch. Forcado de Viamonte.  Among the exhibitors and visitors from several countries making the trip to the Monografica were officers and committee members of the Northern Portuguese Podengo Association (proposed).

During the after show dinner, Chairman of the Northern Portuguese Podengo Association, Keith Pearson, presented the President of the Clube do Podengo Portuguese, Vitor Veiga with the Association’s portfolio as part of the preparations leading to the signing of the Lisbon Protocol, a documented commitment which upholds the original Portuguese breed standard and promotes and protects the interests of this ancient hunting hound

Chairman Keith Pearson presents the Association's Portfolio to Vitor Veiga Monografica 2010



Portuguese Podengo Monografica 

The Speciality Portuguese Podengo Show in Portugal  

Eight members of the committee and officers of the NPPA made the trip.

They left on the 16th June to watch the Monografica on Saturday 18th June this year, and returned on the 20th.
The Monografica was held about 40 miles North of Lisbon, in a small town called Caldas da Rainha, in the Expoeste Pavilion.
The Show started at 10AM. Details of the judges, and what they judged is listed below.
A full report of the visit will be posted soon.


Pedro Delerue (PT) 
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (small)
Best Breeder Group
Best in show

Ricardo Pereira Leite (PT)
Medium Portuguese Podengo Medio (medium)
Portuguese Podengo Grande
Best Veteran
Best Progeny
Best Brace
Best Baby (Minor puppy)
Best Puppy