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Report, Results & Pictures of NPPA Open Show 6th October 2013

My first NPPA Open Show

Well, it was an early morning start for me on the morning of the NPPA Open Show. I couldn't sleep the night before, scared that I'd sleep through my 4am alarm and ended up leaving the house at 3.30am!! Celt was not impressed and tried to return to his comfy spot on my eldest son's bed several times so I had to pick him up and carry him to the car.  We had a good run with hardly any traffic on the road and we stopped a couple of times on the way for a coffee (to keep me awake) and for Celt to have a run around, but we still ended up arriving far too early for the show. Luckily it was a bright, clear day and I was able to exercise Celt, feed him & groom him by the time everyone started arriving.  As an added bonus, I also had time to have cuddles with Eileen's two puppies - absolutely adorable - and could quite easily have tried sneaking one home with me.

This was my first NPPA show, showing my first ever Podengo (Celt), and what a lovely, friendly, well-organised show it was.  The hall was decorated with Portuguese flags, with smaller flags as table decorations for our lunch later that day.  The bacon roll & coffee available as soon as the doors opened were a life-saver.  A lot of work had gone in to arranging every little detail, even down to the Podengo shaped prize cards!  I don't think I've ever seen so many raffle prizes (I even managed to win a couple of bottles of wine), and the stall selling all things Podengo was very tempting and I couldn't resist buying a mug for my hubby, Tom.

We had a great time in the ring - Celt has settled so well in the ring since our first show a few months ago (although he did want to chase & play with Mack in the challenge) - some of you might remember his bunny-hopping, lead-pulling antics of the first few shows we attended.  I was so proud when he went BPIS and was amazed with all the goodies we had to take home with us.  It was nice to spend the day chatting with everyone, and so nice that everyone had time to give me advice and answer my questions. I loved meeting all the other Pods, they are such a fun dogs, full of character, and I am well & truly hooked on the breed.

After the show everyone sat down together for some lunch before packing up to go home. Unfortunately I couldn't join everyone else at the pub for a drink as I had a long drive home, but next year I shall arrange to stop over for the evening.

Thank you so much to the committee and the exhibitors for such a lovely day and I'm already looking forward to the next show.

Iona Bailey

 Judge: Miss Penny Wills (Dallyvista) 

BIS: Norma Watts – Caldermist Carina

RBIS: Angie & George Pedders - Ir Ch Nashnall Bandido at


BPIS: Tom & Iona Baileys - Coalacre Bithisarea at Bryndingo

BVIS: Eileen Segui’s – Arranbourne Adiante

Best Smooth in Show: Angie & George Pedders – Caldermist Cascais

Best Junior Handler: Jazmin Bellenie PD – 1st Coalacre Bithisarea at Bryndingo

JD – 1st Jenny Wedge – Stormwitch Macademia at Rioccajen

YD – 1st Caldermist Cascais

PGD – All absent

LD – 1st Lesley Tomlinson – Readwald Muddy Waters, 2nd Norma Watts – Caldermist Casanova

OD – 1st Ir Ch Nashnall Bandido at Caldermist, 2nd Rob & Sue Dunning – Sovil Do Vale Do Cutileiro at Anjuskar (Imp), 3rd Diana Curtis - NL Ch Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch

VD – 1st Eileen Segui – Arranbourne Amoroso

GCD – 1st Ir Ch N Bandido at C

Best Dog – Ir Ch N Bandido at C      

RBD – Arranbourne Amoroso

PB – 1st John, Trish & Jazmin Bellenie – Belfus Adelina, 2nd Tracy Boyles – Coalacre Gabriela at Bleyos

JB – 1st Caldermist Carina

YB – 1st John, Trish & Jazmin Bellenie – Garthfield Phoenix at Belfus, 2nd Angie & George Pedder – Dapri Do Vale Do Cutileiro Da Caldermist (Imp) , 3rd Norma Watts - Caldermist Catalina

PGB – 1st Beccy Fletcher & Angie Pedder – Caldermist Camelia, 2nd Norma Watts – Jevi Do Vale Do Cutliero (Imp)

LB – 1st Jenny Startup – Plushcourt Gilded, 2nd Eileen Segui – Vale Do Vale Do Cutileiro Da Arranbourne (Imp), 3rd Rob & Sue Dunnings – Anjuskar Amalia, 4th Keith & Susan Pearson – Nashnall Anjo

OB – 1st Susan & Keith Pearson – Nashnall Adriana, 2nd Jenny Startup – Plushcourt Gift Wrapped, 3rd Diana Curtis – NL Ch Arranbourne Delicia at Stormwitch, 4th Tracy Boyles – Ir Ch Nashnall Clara at Bleyos CW’12

VB – 1st Arranbourne Adiante, 2nd Susan & Keith Pearson – Plushcourt Sarda at Nashnall, 3rd Angie & George Pedder – Ir Ch Nashnall Aldina at Caldermist, 4th Sue Dunning – Plushcourt Limeira at Anjuskar

GCB – 1st Ir Ch N Aldina at C, 2nd Ir Ch N Clara at B.

Best Bitch: Caldermist Carina                                      

RBB – Garthfield Phoenix at Belfus Brace – 1st Curtis’s, 2nd Bellenie’s 















Judging Report

Northern Portuguese Podengo Association Open Show 6th October 2013

PD (1) 1. Bailey’s Coalacre Bithisarea at Bryndingo, confident youngster performing well for his handler. Excellent shape of skull, dark pigmentation, large mobile ears used well. Correct tail carriage, held on the move. Moved enthusiastically around the ring using well-muscled hindquarters. Slightly long in body. Awarded best puppy on movement in the final challenge. BP
JD (1) 1. Wedge’s Stormwitch Macademia at Rioccajen, 14 months of correct proportions and excellent topline, good lay of shoulder and correct angulations front and rear, wedge shaped skull with well set, mobile ears. Seemed slightly unsettled today so not using ears or tail to his advantage. Moved well.
YD (1) 1. Caldermist Cascais, smart young man, correct proportions, strongly held topline, well muscled, straight front, correct angulation both front and rear, good lay of shoulder, excellent tight feet. Correct wedge shaped skull with large ears, mobile and used well. Confident mover. Best Smooth
PGD (3, 3a)
LD (2) 1. Tomlinson’s Readwald Muddy Waters. Super cheeky temperament and best beard of the day! Wedge shaped skull, using ears well. Front legs slightly short. Gained his first place on energetic, sound movement. 2. Watts’ Caldermist Casanova, Slightly wary and not using ears well. Smaller skull but correct shape. Correct angulation front and rear. Excellent muscle tone. Front movement let him down.
OD (4, 1a) 1. Peddar’s IR.CH. Nashnall Bandido at Caldermist. A dog I have admired and awarded highly before.  Showing his socks off as usual and enjoying his day. Excellent shape of skull, wise eyes, used ears throughout.  Excellent topline, correct tail carriage.  Well muscled hindquarters, tight feet. Drove well around the ring. BD RBIS BOS 2. Dunning’s Sovil Do Vale Do Cutileiro at Anjuskar, missing his usual handler today so not performing at his best and holding tail down, finer skull but correct, lovely big ears set correctly and used well, excellent angulations front and rear, tight feet, lovely muscle tone. Wonderful free driving movement which gained him second place. 3. Curtis’ NL.CH. Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch.
VD (2,1a) 1.Segui’s Arranbourne Amoroso. Another of my favourite boys – can’t believe he is now a veteran. Happy, confident temperament. Super dark pigmentation. Correct skull shape framed by large ears used all the time. Straight front, correct angulations and good lay of shoulder, tight feet. Confident, steady movement. Just lost out to his sister for Best Veteran. RBD
GCD (1, 1a) 1. Peddar’s IR.CH. Nashnall Bandido at Caldermist
PB (2) 1. Bellenie’s Belfus Adelina, cheeky little madam, playing up her handler today, smaller type, pretty head, large mobile ears, correct tail carriage, well laid shoulders. Saw enough settled movement to award first. 2. Boyles’ Coalacre Gabriela at Bleyos, larger type and slightly less feminine than 1st, correct skull shape with good use of ears. Straight topline spoilt by tail carriage touching back, well-muscled hindquarters, neat tight feet. Confident, driving movement.
JB (2, 1a) 1. Watts Caldermist Carina. This is the one I would have taken home today. Her shape filled my eye, her face and expression adorable. Finer head but correct skull shape with huge mobile ears. Topline held well, tail held correctly throughout. Good lay of shoulders, correct angulations front and rear. Lovely feet. Moved well straight and true and this helped her to top honours. Lacked some confidence at times. Her handler must work hard to improve her technique to show off this beautiful bitch to her best advantage. BB BIS Best Wire
YB (3) 1. Bellenie’s Garthfield Phoenix at Belfus, excellent temperament, feminine head, mobile ears, beautiful long neck, straight topline with correctly held tail used well, moved well. Elegant. RBB 2. Pedder’s Dapri Do Vale Do Cutileiro Da Caldermist, another happy confident girl, correct skull shape, smaller ears but mobile and used well, good lay of shoulder, hind movement a little close and front turning out, well-schooled and working with handler. 3. Watts’ Caldermist Catalina
PGB (2) 1. Fletcher and Peddar’s Caldermist Camelia, confident girl, correctly proportioned skull, large mobile ears, excellent topline, not so happy with tail set but overall the good points outweighed this, correct angulations front and rear, well-muscled, drove well around the ring. 2. Watts’ Jevi Do Vale Do Cuitleiro, a little reluctant today so ears held down and did not show herself off to her advantage, pretty feminine head, good topline and tail carriage, tight feet, moved well.
LB (6, 2a) 1. Startup’s Plushcourt Gilded, larger bitch but correctly proportioned, good wedge shaped head with lovely big and mobile ears. Correct tailset and carriage. Slight arch to topline but strong well-muscled body enabling her to drive around the ring. 2. Segui’s Vale Do Vale Do Cutleiro Da Arranbourne, looking very well after her recent maternal duties. Nose and eye pigmentation so pretty. Feminine head of correct wedge shape, used her ears well, excellent topline, correctly angulated quarters, tight feet.  Moved very well. 3. Dunning’s Anjuskar Amalia
OB (6,2a) 1. Pearson’s Nashnall Adriana, lovely happy temperament, feminine elegant bitch with correct head shape, used ears well. Straight topline leading into correct tail carriage. Good angulation front and rear enabling her to be the best and truest mover in the class. 2.Startup’s Plushcourt Gift Wrapped, confident little bitch, good head shape with large mobile ears, correct topline with good tail carriage, well angulated front and rear and well-muscled. Moved very well just not as balanced as one. 3. Curtis’ NL CH Arranbourne Delicia at Stormwitch
VB (5,1a) 1. Segui’s Arranbourne Adiante This bitch gets better and better as she ages. Looking super today.  Fantastic temperament. Correctly proportioned skull with large and mobile ears. Good tailset and carriage and used well. Correctly angulated quarters front and rear which made her the best mover in the class and one of the best of the day. BVIS 2. Pearson’s Plushcourt Sarda at Nashnall Pretty bitch. Smaller very feminine head with elegant neck.  Correctly set on ears used well giving great Podengo expression, moved well with correctly held tail. 3. Pedder’s IR CH Nashnall Aldina at Caldermist.
GCB (3, 1a) 1. Pedder’s IR CH Nashnall Aldina at Caldermist, such a super character, great to see her out today. Feminine head, using her ears well. Topline not her fortune and carrying some extra weight, used tail well. Tight feet and good angulations front and rear. Moved enthusiastically at one with handler. 2. Boyles’ IR CH Nashnall Clara at Bleyos, lovely temperament, using ears well, good straight topline, well muscled quarters, keen to work for her handler as she moved around the ring but lost out to one on hind movement.
Brace (3, 1a) 1. Curtis’ Brace. Well matched pair, moving beautifully together. Handler able to bring out the best of both dogs. 2. Bellenie’s Brace, two pretty bitches, lost out on first place due to less confident movement. I’m sure that their talented young handler will develop the technique required for this class.

Penny Wills

Junior Handling

6-11 Years  --  No Entries

12 - 16 Years 1 (0)

1st  Jazmin Bellenie.

I have watched the progress of this young lady since she first started handling and her progress has been exceptional. Unfortunately, she had no opposition today, but it did not stop her from pulling out all the stops, handling a very young Podengo that was not totally au fait with the requirements of a perfectly behaved dog in the handling ring. Her lines were perfectly straight at all times. Turns were extremely sharp and accurate.

Whenever I repositioned myself, she was totally aware and never came between dog and myself. Her return for presentation was correct, which showed me how much she had learnt about handling.

On the table, the dog was a little unsettled at first, but she soon gained control in a very sympathetic, but firm manner. She answered a difficult question correctly, working out the answer in spite of not knowing by heart the answer. Any parts of the dogs body that I displaced was immediately corrected by her.

I was extremely impressed by this young lady, and I am sure she will go far, both in her handling classes and in general competition.

Rob Dunning