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It is with regret and disappointment that due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 virus plus travel restrictions faced by the Speaker, the committee of the NPPA has come to a decision to postpone the planned Breed Appreciation Day until NEXT YEAR. See below 

This decision was not taken lightly, but it was agreed that in order to maintain the same Speaker from Portugal and with the enforced cancellation of events it was best to postpone.

All candidates who have already booked have been advised of the revised date and will of course have their place guaranteed on the revised date or they can ask for a refund.

The Officers and committee of the NPPA wish to extend their sincerest apologies and hope you can understand and accept the difficult situation.

    New date different venue

same celebrities from Portugal

NPPA Open Show and

Breed Appreciation Day now in 2022

We have our Special 10th Anniversary ( yes we shall still celebrate our 10th anniversary) Breed Open Show on
Saturday 14th May 2022.
Flying in from Portugal, the Judge is the famous Vitor Veiga who is the President of the Portuguese Podengo Club of Portugal.

The show this year is at a new venue, please note it is:


Yelvertoft Village Hall,


Lilbourne Road,



Northants, NN6 6LJ

The Show will open at 10.00 am and Judging will commence at 11.00 am.
The show will have a wide range of classes and we are very fortunate to have had some excellent prizes given by our sponsors, Lintbells, Feelwell and Happy Dog etc.
However we welcome sponsors for any of the Main Award or class rosettes and please don’t forget to bring along a raffle prize if possible.

The following day
Sunday 15th May 2022 we are holding our Breed Appreciation Day( BAD) and Seminar at the same venue. It will be held according to Kennel Club Rules and Regulations and we welcome anyone who is interested in the Podengo to come along and listen to Gabriela Veiga also from Portugal, the International Judge and Accomplished Speaker on the Breed Standard and all things Podengo including a brief insight into its history.

Enthusiasts can come along for the Talk in the morning 10.30 to 11.am for Registration 11am to 12.15 Breed History, Breed Standard and Question time, followed by lunch. The KC approved multi question exam will take place from 2.15pm, and paper marking and mentoring will follow. The certificates will be given out on the day and we will finish at 3.30pm.
The times in between the start and finish times may vary, according to the number of candidates and Question time etc.

The costs are as follows :
1)  Talk on History of the Breed and Breed Standard  -  £15
2) As above but to include lunch  -  £20
3) As 2 but including multi question examination and ensuing mentoring( if required ) - £25

Application forms can be obtained from the

Breed Education Registrar Rob Dunning

We hope to welcome as many of you as possible, to make this Special 10th Anniversary Open Breed Show a  “Show and Seminar to remember “

Susan Pearson, Committee member

!!! PLEASE NOTE !!! 

Candidates wishing to take the Multi Choice Exam should ensure they have passed the JCF entry level criteria. 

It is recommended that candidates should read the Portuguese Podengo Breed Standard before the event. This can be found on the Kennel Club website.

No dogs other than those invited to the event are permitted in the hall.

Further information can be obtained from Rob Dunning - Email: anjuskar@outlook.com - Tel: 01296 485303

Payment by cheque or postal order to the "Northern Portuguese Podengo Association."