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Firstly, we should like to thank a colleague from another breed (Simon Bulpin), who kindly brought all of the photos etc. to the Excel centre on the Friday evening, to hand over to Tony Hall, who arrived on Friday, also, to decorate the Portuguese Podengo booth. I should also like to thank Tony for creating such a colourful booth for our Association.


Saturday – Day 1

I would also like to thank Tony Hall for putting up the stand on Friday evening, and I would like to thank Tony and Sarah for their help on the stand on Saturday.  Sarah and Caz were a huge success and poor Sarah was worn out at the end of the day.


After an early start Eileen and I finally arrived at Excel and thankfully we did not have to negotiate the long slope to enter into the hall as we were directed into a door at ground level and took the lift up to the venue.


We had to show our covid passes before we were allowed into the venue which we felt was a good thing.


On entering the hall, we did notice that it was a lot smaller than last year and there were definitely less breed and trade stands this year.


A lot of the big trade stands obviously decided not to come this year so it was mainly small independents that were in attendance.


Once Eileen and I had got the dogs settled we had a quick look at the trade stands and we saw Feelwells were there so Eileen re-affirmed their willingness to support our Open Show next year. Eileen and I then stocked up on our usual treats before the crowds were allowed in.


A few of the breeds did not turn up so it made for quite a different atmosphere than 2019. 


10.00am arrived and so did the public.  It was a slow start to the day but by the time 11.00am arrived it was filling up nicely.


Unfortunately, there was music in a show ring near to us so Eileen and I had to shout a lot to get heard.


We had quite a few repeat visitors from 2019 who are still looking for a puppy. So it was nice to meet up with them and find out that they are still really interested in the breed.


During these repeat visits from those people still interested in the breed Eileen came up with the idea to put breeders in the NPPA Breed leaflet as we no long have a puppy list so interested parties can contact breeders direct.


Eileen being cheeky got a couple of people to join the Association so they can keep in touch and be involved with the breed through the website and Podcast.


Royal Canin gave out a goodie bag and a large bag of dog food on each day which was greatly received.  The large bag of food we can use for the Association’s show as we are struggling to get sponsors.  


The interest in the breed is still strong and all the dogs on the stand, Grace, Fausti, Mac and Harley and of course Caz and Eevie were a great success.  They all behaved impeccably and the visitors love them.


Eileen and I left after lunch and we found it long enough for both dogs and us.


We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help on the stand so please contact anyone on the committee and we will be forever grateful.


Jenny Wedge - Secretary

Sunday. Day 2.

 On the Sunday, there should have been 5 personnel manning the booth, but, sadly, Sarah was unable to make it, for, I understand, two reasons. Her dog, Caz, was feeling under the weather, and, it appears Sarah had been so vociferous, talking to interested visitors, on Saturday, that she had lost her voice. It was a great pity, since she is so popular with visitors, with the stories she tells about Podengos. Nevertheless, Tony was in attendance, despite spending Saturday on duty, with his smooth Podengo, Eevie. Eevie, for some reason, had taken a dislike to the tannoy system, which boomed out from time to time, and hid herself in a corner whenever it was heard. Hopefully it will not have any lasting effect on her. We were pleased to welcome two newcomers to the Podengo booth, although no strangers to the general Podengo community. They are husband and wife, Simon and Anna Sampson. They had brought a few wire examples of our breed, which gave us a talking point to compare the wire and the smooth versions with those members of the public who were interested.

They did and excellent job for us and Anna tells me they enjoyed the day very much. So, we hope to see them next year also.

The attendance, compared with 2019, was way down, but those who did attend the event seemed to show a great interest in finding the correct dog for their lifestyle and preferences.

Royal Canin provided a “goodie bag” for each booth, which I suggested Tony should take with him after his valiant 2 day stint, and he stayed until the end to take down all the decorations from the booth. They, also, gave a large bag of dog food on the Sunday, which will be put to good use at our Open Show in May 2022. 

Stewards from the Kennel Club Ltd. visited each booth to thank us for attending, which, unfortunately, was not the case with every breed, some of the booths having been unmanned all weekend. It was a great pity, since the Kennel Club Ltd. had put so much effort in arranging this event under extreme circumstances, but it was understandable that some did not want to risk their health by attending. Fortunately I have tested negative since Discover Dogs, and I trust all the others helping on the booth did likewise.   

So we look forward to next year, which we hope will be less taxing than this, but we need new volunteers, since three members, who have attended each one from the Kennel Club Ltd’s. introduction of this event many years ago, but have, now, decided that it is time for others to take over. So, if you can even offer just half a day to help on the booth, talking to lovely people, interested in our wonderful breed, please get in touch with me, or any other committee member, and you will be greeted with open arms.

Rob Dunning – Vice Chairman, and DD London Organiser.  

Discover Dogs London 2021 Saturday
Discover Dogs London 2021 Saturday
Discover Dogs London 2021 Sunday
Discover Dogs London 2021 Sunday
Discover Dogs London 2021 Sunday
Discover Dogs London 2021 Sunday
Discover Dogs London 2021 Sunday



By Sarah Sands

Tony and myself decided to leave my husband Matt and the Podengos (many people know the infamous Caz & Scamp as the infamous Rat dogs of The Greenhouse fame) at our shop and escape for some quality research and as a thank you for Tony being such a valued member of The Greenhouse staff.

When we arrived at 9.30AM, the queue was already building and the excitement was almost palpable.

What to do first?....Shop or cuddle dogs? Which breeds to see? Well, one thing we agreed on …… We HAVE to see the Podengos.

After a quick fly round the shops and grabbing some samples, we headed to the dogs….

Akitas, Afghans, Basenjis, Bassets, Dachshunds, Foxhounds, Labradors…..Yes, all very lovely, but where are the real dogs….Where are the Podengos?? Russian Toy, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Papillons. Seriously, where are they?? Portuguese Water dogs….We’re getting closer…..Ah, at last!! Stand 145 Portuguese Podengos! …And, well, what a fab stand! Loads of great photos, information sheets, friendly people, and the best of best, Wonderful Pods!! 

The stand was getting quite swamped by people, but do the Pods look bothered? No they just soak up the atmosphere and the love and admiration they deserve. They are, after all, the Stars of the Show.

They are a huge hit with both young and old. Many people who came to the stand had not heard of the breed before, but on their first touch, you saw the love was there for ever. I ask you, who can resist a Pod who is on full charm attack?!?

As the stand was getting busier and busier, we decided to allow others to admire the Pods and we went to the main arena and watched some of the Agility Competition. We checked out the Police Dogs, watched the Young Kennel Club handlers. Then we did some quality shopping…..the Pods will love all the samples and goodies.

Wow, before we knew it, it’s 4.30PM. Where has the time gone?!? Just time for one last Pod fix; now, where are they again….? Akitas, Afghans………


(Our grateful thanks to Sarah and Tony for their help in dealing with the myriad questions put to them from other members of the public. They were not part of the official team of representatives of the Podengo, but they were a tremendous help to us…..By the way, you are booked officially to assist at Discover Dogs in London next year!!!…Ed)


Pictures below.  Please click on the individual pictures to enlarge.