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!!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!

The NPPA has been fortunate in obtaining a large quantity of the English translation of the book written by the world renowned authority on the Portuguese Podengo, Vitor Veiga’s, “The Portuguese Podengo” and we are pleased to be able to offer copies at the price of just £10 per copy plus postage and packing. Please note this is a hard backed, top quality book, not a paperback. See picture of front cover at top of this page. 

For further details, or to order your requirements, please click HERE

NEW to our range of goodies !!!!!

Two types of sticker (approximately 135mm x 90mm).

A sticker for the inside of your car windows of the NPPA logo, visible from outside your car.


A sticker for the outside of your car, to stick on your tailgate, bumper, or even on your transportation trolley or carrying cage.

When ordering please specify which you require, or have one of each.

At this price you can afford both!!!

Both types of sticker are available at £2.70, which includes postage and packing.

So, hurry, because stocks are limited.

To place your order please click


and let us know quantity and inside or outside sticking together with your name and address to which your stickers should be sent. 


Window Sticker Approx. 135mm x 90mm

Internal Sticker on Inside of Windscreen

External Sticker on Car Tailgate


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