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Formation of the Association


A List Of Officers And Committee Members
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A Brief Insight into the Birth of the Northern Portuguese Podengo Association 

For some time, several Podengo enthusiasts had enquired about potential events which may be planned for Podengo and their owners in the North of England. Up until recently, to hold such an event would not have been considered viable both from a geographical and an economic perspective. However, the numbers of Podengo in Scotland and the Northern Counties are steadily rising, making such a prospect wholly feasible.

With this in mind, several like-minded members of the Podengo community, started to discuss the true possibility of forming a small group that would serve those Podengo and owners who live in the Northern parts of the country, the primary aim of which would be to provide help, advice and social networking opportunities. An informal gathering took place early in 2009, and the Northern Portuguese Podengo Association was born.


Following that initial meeting, the framework of the Association was agreed, and all key Officer and Committee positions were filled. The Association then found itself in a position to launch the Northern Portuguese Podengo Association (Proposed) [NPPA], in its own right, and towards the end of 2011, it was recognised by the Kennel Club officially.


The membership, whilst modest, in numbers, at first, is rising steadily, has, now reached well over 100 members. Interested Podengo owners and enthusiasts of the breed wishing to join the Association should contact the Membership Secretary, Eileen Segui, either direct or by following the links on the Membership Page of this website.

We do hope that you will enjoy your visit to our website and please become involved in its ongoing construction by sending in your news, views, pictures or articles in relation to owning this special little breed. Please e-mail your items to the Webmaster, or pass them to one of our Officers or Committee members

The Officers & Committee Members
of our Association

               Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira         Mr. Andrew H. Brace
Vice Presidents: 
Mrs. Carla Molinari (Do Vale Negro), Mr. Miguel Sabino (Viamonte)
Mr. Vasco Matias (Vale do Cutileiro)
         Chairman:                      Vice Chairman:
     Mr. Keith Pearson                 Mr. Rob Dunning           (Nashnall)                             .           
   Jenny Wedge

                   Membership Secretary & Treasurer:
                       Mrs. Eileen Segui (Arranbourne) 
                             (Tel: 01206 230336)
Mrs. Diana Curtis (Stormwitch) (Breed Education Co-ordinator)       
             Mrs. Trish Bellenie (Belfus)                       
Mr. Rob Dunning [Webmaster] 
Mrs. Sue Dunning (Anjuskar)           
Ms. Jessica Gruninger (Darkle) 
Mr. Keith Pearson (Nashnall)           
Mrs. Susan Pearson (Nashnall) 
Mrs. Eileen Segui (Arranbourne)        
Ms. Jenny Wedge (Rioccajen)
Gillian Cowan (Co-opted)                  
Mrs. Anna Sampson (Morialta) (Co-opted).